"I am already burning"

"Oh my love
take me there. 
Let me dwell where you are.
I am already nothing. 
I am already burning. 
Oh my love, I was once a part of you"

-excerpt from Electra by Sophocles, translation by Anne Carson 

“I am already burning” was a performance inspired by the Anne Carson translation of the Greek play Electra by Sophocles. The piece began in a dimly room where I was wired to a chair and accompanied by a sound piece of bones breaking. In the play, after Electra’s father is murdered, she mourns his death, expressing anger and seeking vengeance, yet all those who surround her treat her as if she’s being hysterical, continually urging her to calm down. The piece was a mediation on female anger, the feeling of being connected to another body and the ghosts that remain in us even after death. 

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